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Our green choice in 5 points


At La Fenice we look at green: it is not just a new trend, but an awareness of the fact that we all have to do something good for this planet. Small gestures that, repeated in everyday life, bring results if we look to the future. Plastic, pollution and waste are now the order of the day, so we decided to take some precautions to see a little more beauty around us.

  • Cotton placemats: after the reopening of the Bistrot La Fenice in February 2024 we decided to avoid paper placemats (which cannot even be recycled if dirty) and plastic placemats and to create placemats for lunch and dinner in soft cotton. In addition to a more pleasant texture during meals, they give a touch of elegance to the room and are 100% organic.

  • Fruit and vegetables only and only in season without plastic containers: everything delivered to us by our suppliers tries to be increasingly sustainable, often avoiding useless plastic packaging, films and papers. Furthermore, our cuisine aims to follow seasonality: this means that the word freshness is the order of the day.

  • Separate waste collection: we are increasingly attentive to the disposal of materials that accumulate after a day of work. Glass bottles, cans, milk cartons, plastic packaging for raw materials, cardboard boxes: everything is separated by our team staff and thrown into strictly separate bins.

  • A more sustainable menu: our new menu includes 70% veggy dishes and raw materials, with a limited and responsible use of meat and fish that come from farms and suppliers that are as local as possible, with an eye to the ethics of animal treatment. Eating well, respecting the environment and nature is one of our most important values.

  • The lake is one of our strong points: the view, the sun and the relaxing lapping of the waves. La Fenice is also all of this. For this reason we constantly take care of the beach in front of the patio: it is not our property, but we are committed to keeping it clean, particularly during the summer when the lake currents bring to the shore not only algae (often torn from boats in motion), but unfortunately also plastic of various kinds.

  • These are five small steps, but they can mean a lot, especially on weekends when the flow of customers is greater.

    We deeply love our territory, the lake and its flora and fauna, for this reason we invite you to respect this place to keep it as protected and unchanged as possible over time.

  • Address: via Verona 69/71, Lugana di Sirmione, Bs.

  • Telephone: +39 030 919003

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Exploring Seasonal Flavors in the Bistro


The Bistro’s new proposal totally respects the seasonality of the products: seasonal vegetables and fruits give color to our winter menus. There are four of them, in continuous rotation until the change of season.

The broccoli

We find it in our ’88 pastry: it is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and fibre, excellent for the cardiovascular system and for intestinal health.

Curiosity: broccoli comes from an area between Greece, Turkey and Syria, but was brought to Italy already by the Romans, who had developed the custom of eating it raw before meals, because it was believed that this allowed the body to better absorb the wine during banquets.

The cauliflower

This vegetable helps prevent hypertension by lowering blood pressure thanks to its amino acid content. Furthermore, the vitamin K it is rich in helps increase concentration and, more generally, helps mental functions.

Our recipe sees it as the protagonist with Lugana I Frati DOC butter and a contrast of kumquats.

The pumpkin

Il suo colore arancione aiuta a rifornire l’organismo di antiossidanti naturali, in particolare sotto forma di vitamina A, un nutriente importante per il mantenimento dell’integrità di pelle e mucose. Aiuta inoltre a proteggere la vista.

Una calda vellutata di zucca con il contrasto bilanciato di mela gialla sarà una coccola per il tuo palato durante queste giornate ancora fredde dell’anno.

The radicchio

The variety we use is the Trevigiana variety, a Venetian PGI which stands out for its early or late production.

Curiosity: radicchio appeared in Italy in the 16th century, precisely in the province of Treviso, where, from being the food of poor people, it became a prized and sought-after vegetable, thanks to particular production techniques. The full recognition of the incomparable qualities of the product was definitively established with the organization of the first radicchio exhibition, organized on the initiative of the agronomist Giuseppe Benzi in December 1900.

Come and try our GREENYELLOWRED and BLUE menus which rotate weekly, differing for lunch and dinner: so you will always be able to discover new flavors thanks to a 70% vegetarian cuisine.

  • Address: via Verona 69/71, Lugana di Sirmione, Bs.

  • Telephone: +39 030 919003

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The new colorful kitchen of our bistro


A colorful and seasonal menu

The common thread of this new menu by chef Edoardo will be COLOR in its primary variations, YELLOW, RED, BLUE with the addition of GREEN as the predominant color in the dishes which will mostly be plant-based. Furthermore, the proposals and therefore the colors will vary with each passage of the season.

The menu is designed in a plant-based way as a healthy and environmentally sustainable choice and with a minimal inclusion of fish and meat, to crown a balanced diet, even for those who come to visit us every day. So you will find 70% vegetable ingredient, 20% fish ingredient and 10% animal origin ingredient.

Corto Bio: our new supplier

The menu proposal for lunch and dinner will have a series of fixed dishes that will be changed on a weekly basis and, in addition, you will be able to discover an always new dish of the day for lunch, according to the fresh ingredients that Corto Bio brings us.

The dishes will therefore have seasonal vegetable bases. Finally, for dinner, we like to end with a surprise: the “Incognito Risotto” as the main dish will be offered with surprise ingredients, always seasonal while respecting freshness. The combinations of ingredients will be different every evening based on the harvest, the catch and the fresh market.

Corto Bio is a project born with the aim of creating a short supply chain that brings small local producers and consumers closer together, in a more eco-sustainable market logic. The idea of delivering certified organic vegetables in reusable boxes was born in 2011, to respond to the local needs of Brescia families for fruit and vegetables that are healthy and safe for humans and the environment.

Our shared objectives with Corto Bio:

  • Protect consumer health through the production of high quality foods, free of chemical residues, with better organoleptic and nutritional characteristics.
  • The construction, as far as possible, of a “system” that pays particular attention to the recycling of organic substance and nutritional elements.
  • Reducing the environmental impact by avoiding plastic in the packaging of fruit and vegetables.
  • Maintaining the genetic diversity of the agricultural system and the surrounding environment.

Come and visit us to eat sustainably by the lake!

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