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Pairings with Ca’ dei Frati wines and EVO oil


Vegetable cuisine and wines: what combination?

With the new Bistro concept, La Fenice has a new menu oriented towards a more vegetal and sustainable choice for human health and the environment.

But then we asked ourselves: how to combine this new cuisine, a little distant from traditional flavours, with the wines of our Ca’ dei Frati company?

We had an interesting tasting, starting from this perspective, of our white wines which are products of the territory and which go best with plant-based cuisine, together with our sommeliers and chefs. It emerged that the fruity and floral notes, in particular, of Lugana DOC combine traditional flavors, but also fusion, with notes that come from the East, light and particular spices.

Not only wines, but also EVO oil

Our menu includes everything that is produced locally, with particular attention to the pairing of food and wine: the menu in fact suggests the best pairings, tested for you by our restaurant sommeliers.

Extra virgin olive oil, the latest innovation from Ca’ dei Frati, represents an excellent and niche product that we use as a condiment for our new dishes.

It is a pitted oil, with only olives owned by our company Ca’ dei Frati, obtained with a totally inert process to guarantee the authenticity of the scents and flavors derived from the olives.

If you don’t know it, you can buy it directly in store or online from here!

The following principle is fundamental for pairing: succulent foods are married with alcoholic and tannic wines because they “dry” in the mouth the liquid sensation they leave on the palate and the saliva they generate when chewing, like our Ronchedone and Amarone Pietro Dal Cero . Bitter and spicy foods are paired by contrast with “soft” wines, i.e. fruity, rounded and velvety ones, like our Brolettino.

The research aimed at creating our new menu takes into account the historicity of the territory and of Ca’ dei Frati: for this reason you will be able to choose from the entire range of wines produced by the company, by the glass or in the bottle.

For the dish of the day – which varies daily according to the freshness of the products – and the risotto included in the dinner menu – based on the chef’s imagination according to CortoBio‘s seasonal products (read our article about it) – the best pairings in the room will be suggested: don’t hesitate to ask to try your best lakefront gastronomic experience.

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