What we are going to do

We will find ourselves in a splendid setting directly on the lake, in Lugana di Sirmione, at the family pastry shop, La Fenice. Sitting comfortably with a view of the Sirmione peninsula (which is only 3km away), you will be guided through a tasting of all the wines of the Ca’ dei Frati winery:

– Lugana I Frati DOC

– Brolettino DOC

– Pratto

– Cuvèe dei Frati

– Cuvèe Rosè

– La Rosa dei Frati DOC

– Ronchedone

– Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG Pietro Dal Cero

– Tre Filer passito

The tasting is accompanied by snacks made by the bakery that vary each time; we are available for any allergies or intolerances. With the passito I will serve the biscotti cantucci made by us. I also like to try to create combinations between food and wine and I will accompany you to discover combinations by analogy or contrast.

The tasting is guided by me, sommelier Ais, who have been part of the owner family since 1939. For the tasting I will also provide some notions of technique: visual, olfactory and tasting. You will learn the technical vocabulary for the description of a wine, from its appearance and colour to its scents.

You will try to smell unrecognizable scents at first with a few small exercises. Finally, a few notions to taste well on the palate. The tasting is for beginners, but also for curious experts. For those who want, there is the possibility to stop for a meal.




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